Dawn Advisory was founded in February 2018 by three students from Bocconi University: Till Hoelzer, Fynn Brinkmann and Yujie Chuah. Passionate about startups and technology, they saw the potential of students in providing business insights to startup founders and thus decided to bridge the gap between university talent and early stage startups.


The Bocconi branch currently has 38 members that either work on one of our three projects supporting startup founders or are undergoing training on one of our four mock projects.


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Tanisha Dighe.jpg


President -joined Dawn in 2020

Tanisha is the President of Dawn Advisory Bocconi and a second year B.Sc. (BEMACC) student. She started as a Consultant and then directed the Operations department, gaining a holistic understanding of our departments’ interdependence. As the Director of


Operations she played a crucial role in creating the Dawn Network, an interactive online group of past and present members across our 3 branches, and organized events for members to receive guidance from experts on professional development skills. She has started a programme for new members to gain insight on Dawn departments by shadowing each one before selecting one.

Her goal through these initiatives is to ensure that every member has all the support they need to reach their personal and professional potential at Dawn. Projects: Travvil and Wagetap. Tanisha is Indian and Scottish; she speaks English and Spanish.

Ruya Gazi.jpg


Human Resources Director and Vice President -joined Dawn in 2020

Ruya is the HR Director and Vice President of Dawn, whilst also a first year B. Sc. (BIEF) student. She joined Dawn in 2020 and took on the role of HR Associate before assuming her current position.

Ruya is committed to ensuring that every Dawn member benefits from an enriching learning experience. Through setting up interactive sessions, her goal is to aid in the personal and professional development of our members by creating an environment rich in dynamic discussions and constructive feedback.


She is Romanian and speaks English, Romanian, and German.

Annemarija Apine.jpg


Annemarija is the Internal Development Director and a second-year B.Sc. (BESS) student. She joined Dawn in the spring of 2020 as a consultant and held the role of Internal Development Associate before assuming her current role. She has implemented a progress-tracking and feedback strategy for the new consultants in collaboration with HR. Furthermore, she is also working on creating a consulting training plan suited for the current online work environment. She has gained work experience as a business analyst during her summer internship. Annemarija is from Latvia and speaks English, Latvian, and Russian

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Operations Director - joined Dawn in 2019

Abdelhakim is the Director of Operations and a third year B. Sc. (BESS) student. He joined Dawn in 2019 and worked as a consultant for several mock and client account projects. He also served as a project manager for a mock project, interviewed applicants in 3 recruitment sessions, and helped in the client acquisition. He has completed several trainings and internships that shaped his managerial and organizational skills. Abdelhakim is from Morocco and speaks Arabic, French, English and Italian.

Alfredo Cavaliere.png


Marketing Director - joined Dawn in 2019

Alfredo is the Marketing Director at Dawn and a second year B.Sc. (BIEM) student. He joined Dawn in 2019 as a consultant and assumed his current role in February 2020. He innovated Dawn’s Marketing Department by introducing the use of advanced analytics and thereby significantly growing the follower base on all social media platforms. Furthermore, Alfredo has introduced guidelines and best practices for the new branches in Barcelona and Hong Kong and is closely coordinating Dawn’s overall marketing strategy. Alfredo is from Italy and speaks English and Italian.