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Dawn Advisory was founded in February 2018 by three students from Bocconi University: Till Hoelzer, Fynn Brinkmann and Yujie Chuah. Passionate about startups and technology, they saw the potential of students in providing business insights to startup founders and thus decided to bridge the gap between university talent and early stage startups.


As of September 2023, the Bocconi Branch has 35 members and is currently in recruitment session. This branch completes five projects every semester is teams of 3-5 consultants each with their respective project manager.

This branch organizes many social events for its members with the intention of building a well-knit, collaborative community!


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President - joined Dawn in 2021

Luca is the president of Dawn Advisory Bocconi and a third year BSc (BIEM) student. He worked as a consultant for a mock and client project, project manager for a client project, and consulting associate.
Luca then shifted scopes into Human Resources to have a better opportunity to make an impact in Dawn. Being in charge of rolling out recruitment sessions, implementing performance appraisals for client account projects, ensuring the professional development of members, and coordinating with other departments to ensure smooth running of Dawn.

As president, Luca is responsible for managing the association and coordinating efforts for its development.
Luca is from Brazil and Italy and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. 


“Dawn Advisory offers the opportunity for like-minds to develop themselves both personally and professionally. By delivering valuable projects for our clients, we offer a unique practical experience for university students. I feel lucky to be part of such a great community, being able to develop skills and interests you may not necessarily find in class.”



Vice President - joined Dawn in 2022

Diego is  a third-year BSc International Economics and Finance student. Previously he worked as a consultant in various projects and as an Operations Associate. 

As Vice President, Diego is in charge of working with the rest of the Board on the daily operations of the association. Furthermore, he has been tasked with the management of certain long-term projects. 

Diego appreciates Dawn’s focus on innovation and supporting startups. He believes that Dawn is a great place to learn about consulting and the industries of the future. 


Diego is from Costa Rica and Mexico.



Consulting Co-Director - Joined Dawn in 2022

Ferdinand Leube is a 2nd year student from Frankfurt, Germany, studying Economics, Management and Computer Science. He has working experience both in the financial sector and the consulting space with internships at KPMG and Zenport GmbH.


After having started off his Dawn career with two project manager positions he entered the consulting department as consulting associate, assisting in client acquisition and quality control.


Leveraging that experience and after being responsible for client acquisition in his summer internship he wanted  to use these skills and take charge of client acquisition for Dawn as the Consulting Co-Director. Combining his passion for start ups and helping them excel through the consulting services we can offer at Dawn, he is excited to get in contact with new clients and kick off this years projects.



Consulting Co-Director - Joined Dawn in 2022

As Consulting Co-Director, James is in charge of onboarding new clients, defining the project scopes with them and then choosing the right consultants and a good Project Manager. His department ensures high quality of work for each project by providing a support system for Project Managers and monitoring their progress.


Before becoming Consulting Director, he was involved as a Project Manager and Consulting Associate. 

James is a second year student in International Economics and Management (B.Sc.), born in the United States and speaks English and German.

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Director of Operations - joined Dawn in 2022

Noah is is a second year student in International Economics and Management (B.Sc), born in Germany and living in the United States. As Operations Director, Noah is responsible for initiating activities within the association. His main responsibilities include organizing internal seminars to develop critical skills, designing events to promote Dawn Advisory to the student community and nurturing good relationships with the association's stakeholders. He is also responsible for managing the financial soundness of the association.

Noah is interested in consulting, artificial intelligence and finance, and has completed internships in venture capital and consulting.

Prior to his current position, Noah worked as an Associate in the Operations Department for one semester and as a consultant for two.



Human Resources Director - joined Dawn in 2021

In the role of HR Director, Ania is responsible for the integrity and communication within the association. She manages recruitment in the association at all levels, partakes in assigning consultants in the projects and oversees project progress to ensure delivering the highest quality results, while maintaining good relationships between the students in the working groups.


Before becoming the director, Ania was staffed on three Dawn Advisory projects, both for pro-bono and paid clients, after which she took the role of a Project Manager for one term. She's currently a third year Economics an Social Sciences students, on exchange at Univeristy of Chicago.



Marketing Director- joined Dawn in 2022

Sarah is a second year bachelor's student studying Economics and Management with a minor in arts culture & communications. She is interested in marketing, branding, consulting, and the intersection between firm's external (visual and sound) image and its business capacities as a result.


Her goal for Dawn Advisory is to establish a coherent and explicit brand identity on a global level in order to strategize and optimize marketing with member recruitment and client acquisition. 

Her experience includes high level marketing and sales at L'Oréal Luxe in NYC, art gallery management in NYC, and sonic branding at Sixième Son in Paris. She is originally French and born & raised in NYC.

"Dawn Advisory offers not only offers fantastic services that transform and disrupt the start up scene on a university level, but also teaches university students about the world of consulting and how to make their work impactful and seen. We need strong marketing so that everyone knows our strengths."

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