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Dawn Advisory was founded in February 2018 by three students from Bocconi University: Till Hoelzer, Fynn Brinkmann and Yujie Chuah. Passionate about startups and technology, they saw the potential of students in providing business insights to startup founders and thus decided to bridge the gap between university talent and early stage startups.


The Bocconi branch currently has 36 members that either work on one of our three projects supporting startup founders or are undergoing training on one of our four mock projects.


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President – joined Dawn in 2020

As the president of Dawn Bocconi, Ruya is the driving force of the association. On the large scale, she works with all of the departments in order to ensure a strong collaboration and communication between them all, while on a smaller one she’s dedicated to ensuring that every Dawn member benefits from an enriching learning experience.
Through setting up interactive sessions, her goal is to aid in the personal and professional development of our members by creating an environment rich in dynamic discussions and constructive feedback. Before becoming President, Ruya was the HR Director and Vice President, gaining a holistic understanding on the inner workings of Dawn and the relationship between departments.
Ruya is a second year student in International Economics and Finance (B.Sc), born in Romania and speaking English, German and Romanian.

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Consulting Director – joined Dawn in 2020

As Consulting Director, Moritz is in charge of onboarding new clients, defining the project scopes with them and then choosing the right consultants and a good Project Manager. His department makes sure that the quality of work throughout the project is high, by constantly monitoring and working with the different Project Managers. 


Before becoming Consulting Director, he was involved as a Project Manager, Consultant and Internal Development Associate. 


Moritz is a second year student in Economics, Management and Computer Science(B.Sc.), born in Germany and speaking English and German.

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As the Director of Internal Development, for the past two semesters Annemarija has been organising mock projects and training sessions to prepare the new members for work on real projects and polish the skills of the current consultants. She is also the VP, responsible for assisting Ruya in her tasks. Since this fall, Annemarija has also been actively involved in Dawn Global with the goal of fostering connections between branches as the head of the Growth Department.
Before her current roles, Annemarija was the associate of her department, in addition to gaining consulting experience on a project.
Annemarija is a third year student in Economic and Social Sciences (B.Sc.) from Latvia, she speaks Latvian, English, and Russian.

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Operations Director  joined Dawn in 2020

As Director of Operations, Thomas organised the first in-person events since the beginning of the pandemic and initiated the split-up of our marketing strategy by creating two specialised marketing departments. 


Before assuming his current role, he worked as a consultant on two client account projects: Bouncepad and Finpleo. He deepened his knowledge and acquired more experience through trainings and his subsequent summer internship. 


Thomas is a third year student in International Economics and Management (B. Sc.), born in France and speaking English and French.

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Marketing Director  joined Dawn in 2021

As Marketing Director, Alexia works closely with the Consulting and Internal Development departments to create the social image and media presence of DAWN. 


Throughout her time as Marketing Director, she created a new dynamic for our social media pages, helping us connect with the wider Bocconi student body through infographics that summarised all of our work as an association. 


She is a second year student in Business and Economics for Arts, Culture and Communication (B.Sc), born in Romania and speaking English, French, Spanish and Romanian.



Marketing Director  joined Dawn in 2021

As Marketing Director, Adam closely cooperates with the Consulting Department on the client acquisition, he is responsible for developing the new more client-oriented marketing strategy as well as implementing it.

Before becoming Marketing Director, Adam had contributed to Dawn Advisory as a Consultant and a Marketing Associate.

He is a 2nd year Economics and Management (B.Sc.) student, born in Poland and speaking English, Polish, and German.

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HR Director  joined Dawn in 2020

Maryam is the Director of Human Resources and a third year B. Sc. (BIEM) student. She joined Dawn in 2020 and worked as a consultant for several mock and client account projects.

She then shifted scopes into Human Resources to have a better opportunity to make impact in Dawn. She rolled out a new recruitment session, implemented performance appraisals for mock and client account projects and coordinated with other departments to ensure smooth running of Dawn.

Maryam is from Azerbaijan and speaks English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Italian and Azeri.