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  • Is there any specific criteria for companies to work with Dawn?
    We usually work with early-stage startups in Dawn. However, there is no specific criteria for companies to work with Dawn - we welcome businesses across industries and business stages.
  • How does the project process work?
    Usually our projects start with a discussion between the founders and Consulting Directors where we better understand the needs of the business. Then the Director will propose a potential project scope for the semester’s engagement before forming teams. To learn more about our projects, visit Our Projects.
  • How much do I get charged for a consulting project with Dawn?
    Dawn is a not-for-profit student organization and the fees will all be used for branch development purposes. We understand that most of our clients are early-stage startups so we only charge a small fee according to the startup’s capacity. Please contact the individual branch for further details.
  • How to get in touch to find out more?
    Please check the current branches of Dawn Advisory and get in touch for a potential project. Most of our branches work for international clients too!
  • How much time is needed from the initial contact to the project start?
    Our projects work on a semester basis where we work with a limited number of startups every semester to ensure the work quality. The initial contact and project scoping should take around 2-3 weeks where the team fixes a start date for the project.
  • I am in my first year of Bachelor / have no prior business or finance background. Can I still apply to Dawn?
    Yes. We welcome students from different majors and experience levels to join Dawn.
  • Are student consultants paid in Dawn?
    No. Dawn is a not-for-profit student organization and we do not distribute any financial remuneration to members. Instead, we offer a tight-knit, passionate community and amazing learning opportunities for anyone interested in joining Dawn.
  • How many hours am I expected to commit after I join Dawn?
    We do not set any fixed number of hours needed for members - instead we evaluate members based on level of output and proactiveness in supporting projects and developing Dawn. But on average, Dawn members work around 6-8 hours a week, subject to the project structure and timeline requirements.
  • There is no Dawn branch in my university / city. Can I still apply to Dawn?
    Unfortunately we currently only accepting students from our existing university branches. However, we are open to passionate and driven individuals establishing Dawn branches in their respective universities. Please contact us for further details.
  • Will I be provided sufficient training and support?
    Most of our newcomers will go through one semester of training or mock projects. Throughout your Dawn journey, you will receive continuous support and training by experienced members or past alumni in the industry.
  • What are the types of clients and projects I will be working for?
    We work with a diverse range of clients across industries but primarily early-stage startups. Please see Our Projects for more information.
  • What types of positions can I apply to?
    All students who apply to Dawn will join as a Consultant where they will go through training and work on client projects. Do indicate your interest in areas such as Marketing or Operations in your application too. Consultants can eventually take up leadership roles as Project Manager or Board Members.
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