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Dawn Advisory at HKUST was founded in August 2020 by Rennie Jiang and Alexander Eaton. Recognizing the growth potential in bringing Dawn to Asia, they decided to build the bridge between student talent and startups by leveraging the burgeoning startup ecosystem of Hong Kong. This branch currently has 11 total members that work on one of our three projects supporting startup founders and are undergoing training to ensure impact-driven recommendations to clients.


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President - Joined Dawn in 2019

Rennie is a final year World Bachelor in Business student and co-founder of Dawn Advisory HKUST branch. She joined Dawn in August of 2019 during her year at Bocconi University and recognized the potential the club had.


Throughout the lockdown, she helped spearhead the inception of Dawn Global and brought Dawn Advisory to Asia through the establishment of the HKUST branch. She is currently working closely with her co-founder, Alex, to structure the branch, acquire the most exciting clients, and run consultant training.


Rennie is from Taiwan and has spent the past 3 years in the United States, Hong Kong, and Italy. She is bilingual in English and Mandarin Chinese.

Alexander Eaton.jpg


Vice President - Joined Dawn in 2020

Alex is a second year World Bachelor in Business student and co-founder of the Dawn Advisory HKUST branch. He joined Dawn in September 2020 after seeing the potential to expand the initiative in Hong Kong.


Over the past year, he has worked on two projects with Dawn and has enjoyed leading diverse teams of student consultants. Now, he is working alongside his co-founder Rennie to expand the HKUST branch via client acquisition, consultant recruitment, and training opportunities.


Alex is from Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and will travel to Milan and Hong Kong in the next two years. He is a native speaker of English and advanced speaker of Spanish.

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