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Get to know us

We are a team of talented university students that seek to make a change. At Dawn, we have a passion for technology and a strong sense of work ethics.

Through real-world, hands-on work experience, members learn to deepen their understanding, develop technical and leadership skills with client interactions.


Our alumni graduate with offers at leading consulting firms, investment banks, or join our clients full-time.


We are a community with a strong global network, spanning continents and industries. You can count on the community for advice, job opportunities and new exciting side-hustles even after graduation.

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“What I find unique about Dawn is the opportunity to do real consulting work for clients. Beyond the valuable work experience,  I love working with such motivated and friendly people.


It creates a productive environment to work, learn and have fun.”                                


- Tanisha Digne, Ex-President Bocconi Branch

Reach Us Now!

Whether you would like to engage in a project, apply to be a student consultant or simply you want to learn more about what we do, we are always available to connect.

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