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Learn more about our branch and check the actitvities we did in the past year


The Barcelona branch currently has 30 members and has delivered impactful recommendations to over 14 startups, including for instance Bitpanda and Gorillas. It takes on several projects per semester that are tackled by teams of top students.

Dawn Esade was brought to life in September 2018 by two Esade students with the goal to support startups to help them create impact driven opportunities.


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Anton_fun_bad quality.jpeg


President - joined Dawn in 2020

Anton is a third year BBA student and serves as the President of the Barcelona branch. 


After joining Dawn in September 2020 as a Consultant Anton became the Director of Quality Control in June 2021. In December of the same year he got promoted to the Consulting Director role, bringing in clients such as Bitpanda. 

Throughout the summer he is completing a Deal Advisory internship at KPMG Germany. In his free time Anton is an ambitious mountaineer, having claimed a 8000m peak in 2021. 

"Working at Dawn is very rewarding. Clients fly us to their HQ for the final project presentation and one can learn much more about leadership and structured work than at University"

Mateo best pic.jpeg


Vice President - joined Dawn in 2021

Mateo is a third year BBA student who is currently Vice President of the Barcelona branch. He’s been a member at Dawn Advisory for a year and prior to his current role, was acting as Director of Quality Control. As Vice President, Mateo focuses on core strategy, member development and sustainable, long-term growth.

With a keen interest in Finance and Consulting, Mateo has undertaken several internships and an entire management trainee programme in order to act on his interests. In his free time, Mateo is a keen Football and Tennis advocate. Additionally, Mateo will be partaking in a triathlon this Summer. 

“Dawn Advisory serves as a unique melting pot in which the brightest like-minded minds come together to jointly serve its clients. It offers a safe space for members to grow and learn on a daily basis, both on a professional level and a personal level”

Julia_best one (1).jpeg


Communications Director - joined Dawn in 2021

Julia is a third year BBA student and is currently taking on the role as the communications director, focusing on the marketing and HR department. She is responsible for facilitating both internal and external communication, such as building a stronger brand and raising awareness amongst clients and students. 

She joined Dawn as a consultant and soon after took over the marketing department. 


This summer, she will complete an internship in Corporate Innovation at German Entrepreneurship in Munich, helping to consult and accelerate startups. 


“Dawn has immensely contributed to my personal and professional development, thanks to the many opportunities it creates. Being surrounded by bright and motivated team members makes working for Dawn extremely enjoyable and I can’t wait to see what we will achieve this year.”

Fede, frantically laughing.jpeg


Chief Operating Officer - joined Dawn in 2021

Federico is a third year BBA polyglot student and has precedingly worked as Quality Control Associate and Team Leader at Dawn. 

Federico oversees the operations and treasury activities at Dawn ESADE. He is responsible for facilitating the day-to-day activities, ensuring a smooth coordination with the rest of the departments to guarantee the success of all projects and activities, and deals with all the bureaucratic, administrative, and legal issues that Dawn activities entail or need.

“I am thrilled to take over this new position. Dawn represents the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by the bright and talented people while gaining experience and enjoying our time at university. I more than grateful to cover such an influential position in this amazing community and I really look forward to giving my best for the association and improving it by handling its daily operations and related issues.”

big SMILE.jpeg


Consulting Director - joined Dawn in 2021

Nils is a third-year BBA student in charge of the Consulting department, thus working closely with the individual teams and coordinating the projects. 

As Nils is interested in finance, he is completing an M&A internship over the summer. Being a sports enthusiast, he enjoys playing volleyball and tennis in his free time.  

“Dawn Advisory offers its members the opportunity to gain critical knowledge while making a difference for its clients before having even exited university. Working with extraordinary people who share your mindset and motivation for the cause makes working here so rewarding.”

TC best pic.jpeg


Quality Control Director - joined Dawn in 2021

Thomas is a third-year BBA student having taken over as Quality Control Director soon after joining Dawn Advisory in February 2022 as a Consultant. He is responsible for ensuring the quality of Dawn’s output while monitoring key control systems and increasing efficiency for internal procedures.

Consulting and finance form part of his key interests while having previously gained experience in FP&A and IP&A through various internships. Thomas speaks English, French, German and Polish fluently, and has basic conversational skills in Spanish.

“I am keen on taking on this new responsibility at Dawn Advisory and be surrounded by a highly talented team, and further building on the excellent prior work that has been done while also innovating and developing new key systems and procedures.”

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Director of Client Relations - joined Dawn in 2021

Junjie is a second year BBA student who is in charge of attracting, acquiring and retaining Barcelona branch's clients through automated tools and always seeking for both association's and clients' benefits.

Working as digital marketing manager at CORR MEDICAL SL since 2020, Junjie has further developed his digital skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities. 

"Dawn is the place where the academic and the professional world converge and allows students to develop critical skills for their careers as well as embrace a work ethic that characterises Dawn's culture"



Board Advisor - joined Dawn in 2020

Berkay is a fourth year BBA student and previously served as the President of the Barcelona Branch from 2022-2023. He oversaw each department through their processes. Now, he advices the board on important strategic matters.

Berkay is currently completing an internship at Amazon as a financial advisor. 


“Having the honour to work as the President of such an incredible community is a ravishing opportunity for anyone. I feel really lucky to have participated in interesting projects, developing the skills and interests I'd never find in class. With its cohesive and collaborative environment, Dawn Advisory allows its members to constantly improve and develop lifelong relationships. As the President, my main duty is to conserve and advance the culture alongside many important projects."

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