Dawn Esade was brought to life in September 2018 by two Esade students: Nikolai Tcherepnine and Moritz Kaisergruber. With the goal to expand Dawn’s presence also in Barcelona, Spain, the team set out to support startups to help them create impact driven opportunities generated by  students.


This branch currently has 36 members that either work on one of our four projects supporting startup founders or are undergoing training sessions to provide impact-driven recommendations to clients.


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Beatrice Binelli.heic

President - joined Dawn in 2020

Beatrice is a third year BBA student and currently President of Dawn. She started in June 2020 when the previous President and Consulting Director, aware about her consulting internship experiences in PwC and Accenture, asked her and Lorenzo to take over the association. Since then, she focused on rebuilding the association that had only few members with the aim of putting together people with different backgrounds to create shared values. Besides Italian, her mother tongues, Beatrice is fluent in English and Spanish and has conversational skills in French.



Tomas Puno.HEIC

Vice President - joined Dawn in 2020

Tomas is a third year BBA student and currently the Vice-President of Dawn. He was asked by Bea and Lorenzo to join in the restructuring of the ESADE branch and has been officially part of the association since September 2020. Since then, he has focused on ensuring a harmonious relationship between departments, client acquisition, and supporting of the board in executive decisions. Besides English and Filipino that he is native in, he is also proficient in Spanish and conversational in French. 



Lorenzo Santoro.jpeg

Board Advisor - joined Dawn in 2020

Lorenzo is a third year BBA student and currently Board Advisor of Dawn. After a year of being a consultant for 180 Degrees Consulting, Lorenzo decided to move to something new. In June 2020 he and Beatrice started the restructuring of the branch, during the summer he helped in designing the structure and improving the processes. He is currently in charge of communication and supports the Board in the executives decisions. He is of Italian origin, after having lived 16 years in Milan and Turin he moved to Luxembourg where he completed his studies. He is proficient in Italian, English, Spanish and has conversational skills in French.



Paul Korfgen.jpeg

Consulting Director - joined Dawn in 2020

Paul is a third year BBA student and is the Consulting Director since September 2020. In the past years, he gathered internship experience in the European Parliament and in the consulting sector at PwC. Further he has experience in the software and logistics sectors. During his time at Dawn, he has led several projects and is involved in establishing work and quality standards.

Paul was born in Germany and speaks, besides his mother tongue, fluently English and has conversational skills in Spanish and French.



Berkay Celikkol.heic

Project Acquisition director - joined Dawn in 2019

Berkay Celikkol is a second year BBA student and currently is the Project Acquisition Director promoted in early September 2020. He joined the association in September 2019 and has participated/organized many projects alongside the management crew. Before he was promoted he successfully served as a consultant in the project with a Europe based mining company ToroGIps. He played a key role in bringing important clients to Dawn which eventually led him to his role in board. He speaks Turkish, English and has conversational skills in Spanish and German. 



Fany Gaffud.HEIC

HR director - joined Dawn in 2020

Fany is a third year BBA student and currently Human Resources Director of Dawn. She joined in September 2020 where she co-created a structured admission process, with the objective of recruiting talented and impactful new members, willing to contribute actively to the rebuilding of the association. She is currently organising training sessions to boost the critical thinking and decision making skills of new members. Fany is bilingual in French and English, both languages being her mother tongues, she is also fluent in Spanish and has conversational skills in Chinese. 



Simona Simeonova.jpeg

Marketing director - joined Dawn in 2020

Simona is a second year BBA student and currently organizes and oversees the advertising and communication campaigns of Dawn Esade branch. She joined the association during the summer 2020 together with Beatrice and Lorenzo. By developing creative and efficient content, she successfully increased the brand awareness. This was crucial for attracting more talent and driving further engagement with the audience. Simona is strongly focused, with the ability to find solutions and resources in a fast-paced environment. She has further experience in the Consulting Lab with PwC Philippines. and won Auditing Academy competition with EY Luxembourg. Simona speaks Bulgarian (native language), English, French, Spanish and has basic conversational skills in Chinese.