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Dawn Esade was brought to life in September 2018 by two Esade students: Nikolai Tcherepnine and Moritz Kaisergruber. With the goal to expand Dawn’s presence also in Barcelona, Spain, the team set out to support startups to help them create impact driven opportunities generated by  students.


This branch currently has 36 members that either work on one of our four projects supporting startup founders or are undergoing training sessions to provide impact-driven recommendations to clients.


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President - joined Dawn in 2020

Berkay Celikkol.heic

Berkay is a third year BBA student and had worked as Consulting Director last year at Dawn, bringing in clients and overlooking 4 projects. 


As of now, he’ll serve as the President of Barcelona Branch by overseeing each department through their process. Formulating a new structure internally, developing a new revenue model and maintaining the efficiency of departments are the main roles that he’ll be taking care of. 


“Having the honour to work as the President of such an incredible community is a ravishing opportunity for anyone. I feel really lucky to have participated in interesting projects, developing the skills and interests I'd never find in class. With its cohesive and collaborative environment, Dawn Advisory allows its members to constantly improve and develop lifelong relationships. As the President, my main duty is to conserve and advance the culture alongside many important projects."


Vice President - joined Dawn in 2020


Simona is a third year BBA student and currently supports the President and oversees the tasks in the association. She is also the primary contact for organizing the communication campaigns of Dawn Esade branch. She joined the association during the summer 2020. 


By developing creative and efficient content, she successfully attracted more talent and drove further the engagement with the audience. Simona is also a creator of our official Dawn website along with Moritz Gebhardt. She is strongly focused, with the ability to find solutions and resources in a fast-paced environment. 


Simona has further experience in the Consulting Lab with PwC Philippines. and won Auditing Academy competition with EY Luxembourg. She speaks Bulgarian (native language), English, French, Spanish and has basic conversational skills in Chinese.


“At Dawn Advisory, we are building collaborative teams with a purpose - deliver expectations and gain experience. Being part of the team has helped me see the possibilities of creating something from scratch and developing it to its finest point.”


Operations Director & Treasurer - joined Dawn in 2021

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Giampaolo is a third year BBA student in charge of the operations and treasury activities at Dawn ESADE. More specifically, he is responsible for facilitating the day-to-day activities, managing client relationships, and ensuring a smooth coordination with the rest of the departments to guarantee the success of all projects and initiatives.


Giampaolo is passionate about finance and has previously interned at Allianz and Foyer S.A. He speaks Italian, English and French fluently.


“I am very excited to take on this new role. Dawn represents the perfect opportunity to be surrounded by bright and talented people while, at the same time, work on a variety of projects with exciting start-ups. Our objective for this year is to develop a new and improved system of operations while integrating a revenue structure for the association. I am eager to begin this journey and thrilled for the many opportunities of personal and professional growth”.


Consulting Director - joined Dawn in 2020

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Mikhail is a third year BBA student working as a Consulting Director at Dawn. He will be managing all Consulting teams and be responsible for client acquisition. 


Mikhail is passionate about finance and consulting. He has interned as Financial Strategy Analyst, IPO analyst and is also currently doing BCG Case Support Program in Russia. He speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, Russian and French. 


"Dawn Advisory was an introduction point into Consulting world which helped me to find my inner passion. With persistence and dedication I am glad to be a Consulting Director and will increase my skills in that industry." 


Quality Director - joined Dawn in 2020

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After joining Dawn Advisory as a first-year student in September 2020 Anton quickly got up to speed with the other consultants and engaged himself in a finance centered project, creating short- and longlists of several EU sectors.


Going into the new semester Anton will take on the role of Quality Control Director. His responsibilities will center around the objectives of increasing our output quality, optimizing internal procedures and monitoring key controls.


Anton is passionate about finance and start-ups. Throughout the summer he is completing a finance and controlling internship in Berlin. In his free time he is an ambitious mountaineer.


“At Dawn I have the opportunity to apply my skillset and interest in finance with fascinating start-ups.”


HR director - joined Dawn in 2020

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Yunfei is a third year BBA student and currently supports the recruitment process and personnel management in the association. She joined the association during the summer 2020 together with Simona and Misha.


By designing interview templates and criterias of selection of the recruitment process, she recruited talented candidates that are motivated to join the association. She is highly self-motivated and solution-oriented, with the ability to discover resources and adapt to changes. 


Yunfei has further experience in the Consulting Competition organised by Bain in China. She speaks Chinese Mandarin (native language), English, Spanish, French and has basic conversational skills in Korean.


“Thanks to the experience at Dawn, I have the stage to perform my ability and learn professional hard and soft skills. What I enjoy the most is to collaborate and communicate with colleagues, we work towards the same direction in order to achieve our objective. At Dawn, you will always have the space to share your ideas and make them into application.”