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Learn more about our branch and check the actitvities we did in the past year.


The Barcelona branch currently has 30 members and has delivered impactful recommendations to over 14 startups, including for instance Bitpanda and Gorillas. It takes on several projects per semester that are tackled by teams of top students.

Dawn Esade was brought to life in September 2018 by two Esade students with the goal to support startups to help them create impact driven opportunities.


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President - joined Dawn in 2022

Bob is a third year GEL student serving as the President of the Barcelona branch. He has been a member of Dawn Advisory since 2022. In his role as President, Bob fills his duties with strategy, steering departments, and developing Dawn’s offering for both members and clients.


With interest in technology, finance, and consulting, Bob has undertaken internships across industries in private equity, consulting and the tech startup world. In his free time he is a passionate football fan and skier. 


“Dawn Advisory offers the opportunity for like-minds to develop themselves both personally and professionally. By delivering valuable projects for our clients, we offer a unique practical experience for university students. I feel lucky to be part of such a great community, being able to develop skills and interests you may not necessarily find in class.”



Vice President - joined Dawn in 2022

Tara is a third year BBA student who is currently Vice President of the Barcelona branch. She’s been a member at Dawn Advisory since September 2022 and prior to her current role, was a consultant and team leader. As Vice President, Tara focuses on ensuring the association functions smoothly as well as on core strategy and innovative growth.


Consulting and finance form part of her key interests, which she has been able to develop at Dawn. Tara speaks English, Spanish, Turkish and Catalan fluently, and is learning French.


"Dawn Advisory provides its members with the chance to acquire expertise while impacting clients' projects as well as learn from exceptional individuals who share your passion and dedication for the cause, which adds immense fulfillment to your experience here."



Communications Director - joined Dawn in 2022

Eugénie is a third year BBA student and as of September 2023 is  the communications director, focusing on the marketing department. She is responsible for facilitating both internal and external communication, such as building a stronger brand and raising awareness amongst clients and students. She joined Dawn as a consultant and member of the marketing team in February 2022. 

With a special interest in luxury and consulting, she has completed two internships with well-known French brands. Her determination and rigour are also expressed through the sports she practises, horse riding and dance. 

"I am eager to take on this new responsibility and am looking forward to gaining critical knowledge. Working alongside driven students on interesting projects is a truly rewarding experience."



Client Relations Director- joined Dawn in 2023

Finn is a second year BBA and Bachelor of Artificial Intelligence student and is currently the Director of Client Relations for the Barcelona Branch after joining Dawn Advisory in January 2023. 


As head of the Client Relations department, he is responsible for researching and acquiring potential clients and maintaing their relationship on a professional and personal basis.


His past experience in founding a small media start-up and valuable insights as a consulting intern in the summer of 2023, Finn has been able to develop

his problem-solving, communication and analytical skills. 


"Dawn Advisory has allowed me to gain insights into a career path, which has turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. The combination of exchanges with other talented students, but also experienced C-level executives makes Dawn the perfect learning environment."



Operations Director - joined Dawn in 2022

David joined Dawn Advisory in September 2022 as a consultant. In his first project, with a supply chain management startup, he learned the lessons needed to lead a team. Therefore he took the role of Jr Team Leader in the next project getting to develop an ESG strategy for a financial institution. As the director of the operations department he is eager to see people within the association develop and got the organisation in the process.


“Dawn Advisory has been a great way to introduce myself to the world of consulting, getting to solve real world problems with highly enthusiastic people.”



Human Resources Director- joined Dawn in 2022

Elena is a second year BBA student responsible for overseeing everything from recruitment to compliance shortly after joining Dawn Advisory as a Consultant in September 2022. Concurrently, she has assumed the role of Team Leader for a project within a private equity firm.


Her keen interest in Finance and Consulting has driven her to complete two internships at Advantage Group International and CS Cooking New Markets. Elena has further honed her soft skills through her passionate pursuits, including showjumping as a Spanish rider and surfing.

"Dawn Advisory is a transformative hub that offers both intellectual stimulation and professional fulfillment. I am consistently inspired by the tangible impact we are making for our clients and ourselves as members."



Consulting Director - joined Dawn in 2022

Junjie is a third-year BBA student and the Consulting Director, thus working closely with the individual teams and coordinating the projects. 


Having joined Dawn Advisory in January 2022, he has worked as a consultant, Team Lead, and, Director of Client Relations during the academic year 2022-2023, signing 9 consulting projects. Working as digital marketing manager at CORR MEDICAL SL since 2020, Junjie has further developed his digital skills, critical thinking and problem solving abilities. 

"Dawn is the place where the academic and the professional world converge and allows students to develop critical skills for their careers as well as embrace a work ethic that characterises Dawn's culture"



Development Director - joined Dawn in 2021

Pau, a third-year BBA student, currently serving as the Development Director at Dawn Advisory. 


Since joining in September 2021, he's guided four companies, including as Senior Team Lead at Bitpanda. He's also actively contributed to Marketing and Quality Control, and played a pivotal role in establishing the Client Relations department. 


With a strong interest in Technology and Consulting, Pau interned at Payflow and Lanai Partners, a YC-backed Fintech and an Early-Stage Venture Capital Fund. Besides academics and his career, he enjoys playing tennis, padel, and bouldering.


"Dawn Advisory nurtures like-minded individuals, fostering personal and professional growth through impactful client projects, enriching skills and passions beyond the classroom. I'm fortunate to be part of this community."

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