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Dawn Global was founded with the objective of solidifying Dawn Advisory’s impact on the world. Conceived in the summer of 2020 by current and past presidents Bea, Marie-Claire, Rennie, Sophie, Till and Yujie, Dawn Global aims to facilitate the growth of Dawn Advisory, better manage knowledge sharing, and create long-lasting impact through the branches.


The board comprises four departments: Growth, Innovation, Operations, and Strategic Alliances. Dawn Global serves as the bridge between the branches, members, and external partners.


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As an organization, Dawn is constantly expanding. Through the Growth Department, Dawn will manage current branches, inter-branch relations, and spearhead the growth of Dawn Advisory to other top tier business schools.


The Innovation Department is dedicated to giving all Dawn members a platform to raise any initiatives to improve their experience within the association. Through internal communication and feedback generation, the Innovation department aims to empower members to shape the culture and processes required for the success of Dawn Advisory.


Dawn Global is currently growing and building a structure that will enable long term growth. The goal of this department will be to create smooth communication and organisational tools that will ensure maximum efficiency across the whole organisation.


As the organization matures, Dawn Advisory hopes to establish strong partnerships with external organizations, such as VCs, consultancies, and other student associations. The Strategic Alliances department will serve as the touchpoint to liaise with external partners to ensure sustainable internal and external growth.


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Giampaolo is currently pursuing his third year BBA at ESADE. He joined Dawn Advisory in early June and immediately took on the role of Operations Director in the Barcelona branch. Soon after he was appointed as the Head of Innovation and Partnerships, in order to manage the internal and external innovations within the association. He is now currently the Head of Operations, where his main responsibilities are creating smooth communication and organizational tools that will ensure maximum efficiency across the whole organization, notably through the management of the financial and legal situation of the association. 


Giampaolo is Italian, born and raised in Luxembourg, and speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish. 

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Ruya is a second year Finance student at Bocconi University. She joined Dawn in October 2020 and took on the role of HR Director and, ultimately, President, before assuming her current position.

She has now been appointed Head of Growth within Dawn Global, managing the current branches, inter-branch relations and creating a dynamic environment for improved collaboration and communication. Her goal is to bring all Dawn Advisory branches together through hosting association-wide trainings, networking and team-building events.


Ruya is from Bucharest, Romania and speaks English, Romanian, and German.

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Rachel is a second-year World Bachelor in Business student at HKUST. She joined Dawn Advisory in January 2021, handling administration and operations for the branch. She was eventually appointed to her current position as President of the Hong Kong branch, where she manages client acquisition in addition to supervising departments and client projects. Additionally, she serves as Dawn Global’s Head of Innovation and Partnerships, facilitating events that connect the Dawn Advisory branches around the world, and managing the association’s internal and external affairs.


Rachel is originally from Los Angeles, California and speaks English, Dutch, French, and Spanish.

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Berkay is a third-year BBA student, that previously worked as a consultant in a mining project with Toro Gips. Later, he served as the Consulting Director at Dawn where his main task was to bring in clients and supervise projects to make sure they meet the standard quality level. He now serves as the President of the Barcelona Branch by overseeing each department through their process. Formulating a new structure internally, developing the operations and maintaining the efficiency of departments are the main roles that he takes care of.

He is now a voting member of Dawn Global and adds value by bringing in new initiatives to further improve the optics of the branch

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As the president of Dawn Bocconi, Thomas is the driving force of the association. He works with all the departments in order to ensure a strong collaboration and communication between them all and ensure an efficient administration of Dawn Advisory. He is dedicated to ensuring that every Dawn member benefits from an enriching learning experience and that the association delivers the best quality of service to our clients.


Before becoming President, Thomas was the Operations Director, organising the first in person events since the beginning of the pandemic, and initiating the split up of our marketing strategy by creating two specialised marketing departments. Working with all departments as Operations Director prepared him for his role as President. In the past, he has also worked as a consultant on the Bouncepad and Finpleo projects, where he deepened his knowledge of consulting.


Thomas is a third-year student in International Economics and Management (B.Sc.), born in France and speaking English and French.

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