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Dawn Global was founded with the objective of solidifying Dawn Advisory’s impact on the world. Conceived in the summer of 2020 by current and past presidents Bea, Marie-Claire, Rennie, Sophie, Till and Yujie, Dawn Global aims to facilitate the growth of Dawn Advisory, better manage knowledge sharing, and create long-lasting impact through the branches.


The board comprises four departments: Growth, Innovation, Operations, and Strategic Alliances. Dawn Global serves as the bridge between the branches, members, and external partners.


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As an organization, Dawn is constantly expanding. Through the Growth Department, Dawn will manage current branches, inter-branch relations, and spearhead the growth of Dawn Advisory to other top tier business schools.


The Innovation Department is dedicated to giving all Dawn members a platform to raise any initiatives to improve their experience within the association. Through internal communication and feedback generation, the Innovation department aims to empower members to shape the culture and processes required for the success of Dawn Advisory.


Dawn Global is currently growing and building a structure that will enable long term growth. The goal of this department will be to create smooth communication and organisational tools that will ensure maximum efficiency across the whole organisation.


As the organization matures, Dawn Advisory hopes to establish strong partnerships with external organizations, such as VCs, consultancies, and other student associations. The Strategic Alliances department will serve as the touchpoint to liaise with external partners to ensure sustainable internal and external growth.


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Head of Growth

Sophie is a final year student at Bocconi University and joined Dawn in 2018, its founding year. Sophie has greatly contributed to the development and growth of Dawn by bringing in key clients and optimizing various work streams.


During her time as President of the Milan branch, the association doubled in size as well as projects and despite the ongoing pandemic, the community only grew stronger and a high-quality output was maintained.


Sophie will now be in charge of managing all current branches and look into expanding the Dawn brand to other top tier business schools.

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Head of Innovation

Rennie is a final year student in the World Bachelor in Business program and current president of the Dawn HKUST branch.

Having worked at both the Bocconi and HKUST branches of Dawn, she hopes to utilize her experience to better serve the members of Dawn Advisory by leading the Innovation department.


Through spearheading internal initiatives and fostering community, she hopes to contribute to the development of Dawn.

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Head of Operations 

Lorenzo is a third year student in the Bachelor in Business Administration at Esade and currently board advisor for the Dawn Esade branch.

Having completely restructured the Esade branch Lorenzo is hoping to utilize this experience to help develop efficient and standardized processes across Dawn Global.


His goal will be to establish effective communication and organizations operations that will enable Dawn to grow in a structured and consistent manner. 

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Head of Strategic Alliances

Marie-Claire is a final year student at Bocconi University and a former president of the Dawn Bocconi branch. She joined the association in its founding year and has played a vital part in the development of Dawn Advisory.


After joining the association she became a Consulting Director overseeing several client accounts and acquiring clients. She then established and led the department for internal development introducing a training program for new members to set quality standards.


While being the president she expanded Dawn Advisory’s outreach to a global level by introducing key clients in Sydney and Singapore. She managed the association successfully through the pandemic with 100% client retention rate. By leading the Strategic Alliance department she aims to contribute to Dawn’s development by establishing partnerships that will benefit members, clients, and the association as a whole.