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Our Mission

At Dawn, we are committed to growth!

At Dawn, we focus on tailored recommendations by working closely with our clients. With a community of diverse student consultants from all over the world,


Dawn delivers measurable results for companies. Our client-focus, unique perspective, and drive for deeper understanding allows us to stay innovative in our approach.


We understand that every startup is different, and that startups require startup solutions. Dawn’s network of student consultants are intellectually curious and committed to creating new business opportunities.


We believe that together, we can help businesses reach their full growth potential.

What our members say

“What I find unique about Dawn is the opportunity to do real consulting work for clients. Beyond the valuable work experience,  I love working with such motivated and friendly people. It creates a productive environment to work, learn and have fun.” 


                              - Tanisha Digne, President Bocconi Branch

“What I appreciate about Dawn is the growth potential on a personal as well as professional level. Dawn is very flexible, encouraging members to take on new challenges and to realize ideas. Working in such an environment with driven people is what has motivated me to stay at Dawn.”                      


- Sophie Krentzel, Former President & Head of Growth

What our alumni say

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